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The National Latin Exam

NLE Syllabi

The syllabi provided are designed to give the Latin teacher a general overview of content included in each level of the National Latin Exam. It is not intended to serve as a total curriculum for any level.
The syllabi are available to view in your web browser.

Which Level Exam should my students take?

My Students... Intro Latin I LATIN II Latin III Latin III-IV Prose Latin III-IV Poetry Latin V-VI
In the first year of a two year Latin I program.            
Are in the second year of a two year Latin I program.            
Are in a one year Latin I program.            
Are in Latin II.            
Are in Latin III and have translated primarily adapted Latin passages or stories            
Are in Latin III and have translated primarily authentic Latin literature.          
Are in Latin IV.          
Are in Latin V or beyond.            

Key Points

  • Since the exam is given during the first week in March, the syllabus is not designed to serve as a curriculum for a full year's work.
  • In general, the exam is designed to test comprehension of Latin rather than the production of forms.
  • With the exception of those taking the Level V-VI exam, students are not required to name grammatical constructions.
  • Any level may contain questions based on the content of a lower level.

The National Latin Exam Committee reserves the right to add to and/or delete from this syllabus at any time.

Syllabi for the National Latin Exams

Introduction to Latin Exam
Latin I
Latin II
Latin III
Latin V-VI


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