1. Magna animalia amamus.
    1. You love
    2. They love
    3. She love
    4. We love
  2. Claudius et Iulius ex silva ambulant.​
    1. Out of
    2. into
    3. around
    4. through
  3. Multae villae erant pulchrae.​
    1. was
    2. were
    3. are
    4. is
  4. The astronauts watched the moon.
    1. lunam
    2. luna
    3. lunarum
    4. lunae
  5. Quid vides?
    1. How
    2. What
    3. Who
    4. Where
  6. In templis deorum sunt multae statuae.
    1. toward the gods
    2. with the gods
    3. of the gods
    4. from the gods
  7. Dea aquam mihi dabat.​
    1. to me
    2. of me
    3. from me
    4. with me
  8. Mea soror fabulam bene narrabat.​
    1. quick
    2. well
    3. clearly
    4. badly
  9. Tuus frater trans rivum natabit.​
    1. will swim
    2. swims
    3. was swimming
    4. swam
  10. Picturae in villa Romana erant _______.​
    1. pulchrarum
    2. pulchram
    3. pulchrae
    4. pulchris
Derivations, Mythology, and Culture
  1. Horticulture is the cultivation of
    1. plants
    2. fish
    3. aniumals
    4. insect
  2. The Roman numeral for 100 is​
    1. D
    2. L
    3. X
    4. C
  3. Oculist and binocular come from the Latin word which means
    1. eye
    2. ear
    3. forehead
    4. neck
  4. Romans would go to the _______ to buy and sell goods and to listen to political speeches.​
    1. Templum
    2. Colosseum
    3. Tiber
    4. Forum
  5. Pluto stole Proserpina and took her to his kingdom​
    1. on Mount Olympus
    2. in the Mediterranean Sea
    3. in the underworld
    4. in the sky
Duo Romani Fratres
Two brothers have an adventure in Rome.

Duo fratres, Claudius et Iulius, ambulant in via
ad Forum. In Foro pater Claudi et Iuli filios
exspectat. Pater in Curia laborat quod senator     Curia = the senate house
est. Pueri templa et viros in via spectant.
Subito Iulius clamat, "Videsne, Claudi, magnum     Subito = suddenly
leonem?" "Video leonem," dicit Claudius. "Ego
territus sum quod leo ex Colosseo fugit." Subito     fugit = has fled
quattuor servi in viam currunt et clamant,        currunt = run
"Ubi est leo?" Claudius et Iulius servis dicunt,
"Leo est ante templum Iovis." Servi ad templum     Iovis = of Jupiter
currunt et leonem capiunt. Nunc leo iterum est    capiunt = capture; iterum = again
in Colosseo. Itaque fratres ad Curiam ambulant     Itaque = And so
et patri fabulam de leone narrant.

Two brothers, Claudius and Julius, are walking on the street to the Forum. In the Forum the father of Claudius and Julius is waiting for his sons. (Their) father works in the Curia because he is a senator. The boys look at the temples and the men on the street. Suddenly Julius shouts, "Claudius, do you see the big lion?" "I see the lion," says Claudius. "I am frightened because the lion has fled from the Colosseum." Suddenly four slaves run into the street and shout, "Where is the lion?" Julius and Claudius tell the slaves, "The lion is in front of the temple of Jupiter." The slaves run to the temple and capture the lion. Now the lion is in the Colosseum again. And so the brothers walk to the senate house and tell their father the story about the lion.

  1. Where are the boys (lines 1 and 2)?
    1. in the Forum
    2. on the road
    3. at the senate house
    4. in the field
  2. Why are the brothers going to the Forum (lines 2 and 3)?
    1. to meet their friends
    2. to see the Colosseum
    3. to meet their father
    4. to work in the senate house
  3. Ubi pater laborat?
    1. in via
    2. in Colosseo
    3. post leonem
    4. in Curia
  4. Why is Claudius afraid (lines 6 and 7)?
    1. he cannot find his brother
    2. his father is angry
    3. he sees a lion
    4. it is getting dark
  5. Cur servi in viam currunt?
    1. to capture the lion
    2. to look at the Colosseum
    3. to find the brothers
    4. to see the senators
  6. Ubi est leo (line 10)?
    1. in the Colosseum
    2. outside the Forum
    3. near the senate house
    4. in front of the temple
  7. What happens to the lion?
    1. he is killed by the slaves
    2. the slaves take him back to the Colosseum
    3. he chases the boys
    4. he escapes to Africa
  8. Quis fabulam de leone audit (lines 12 and 13)?
    1. pater
    2. fratres
    3. servi
    4. leo

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