Emailing of 2020 Results Delayed

NLE working on a solution to get out more emails per day

10 April 2020


We remain excited that your results are (or will be) available online. However, this is an entirely new process that was created under extreme stress, and in a very short amount of time. There are some issues with getting you your login information. Clement Testing Service regrets any delays to getting your results to you. Results emails are still going out, but they are severely limited per day by any email service we have tried (since each email has to be personalized with your username and password). We are working feverishly on a solution. The emails are going out in school code order.

No one in the world wants you to have your results as badly as Clement Testing Service does. Normally, we test processes before we open them up to people. However, the unusual circumstances we are in means that we are doing much of this "on the fly," and before it is perfected. We will have this worked out for next year. Again, we did not know we were doing this until a week or two ago. Please know that we are still sending results, but they are going out slower than we had hoped. There is no need to contact us to ask if your results are on the way. They are. As soon as we find a workable solution, everyone will have results. We hope that is in the next few days.

Again, we apologize for the delay, and hope to have a solution asap.

Joe Clement​