Changes to the Latin III exam

The NLE moves to make this intermediate exam all about reading comprehension

10 August 2020

Take a practice version of the new exam.

The traditonal Latin III exam is called the Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension Exam. This exam is suitable for students who have not yet made the transition to reading and translating authentic Latin literature and are still in the process of learning the concepts typically covered in Latin I and II, or who are in Latin programs that place a great emphasis on active Latin and comprehending Latin texts.

On this new exam, students read and understand Latin passages heavily adapted and simplified from the original authors or    composed specifically for the exam. This test consists of 2 reading comprehension passages - and no stand-alone      grammar/culture questions. Instead, cultural, historical, and mythological knowledge will be assessed within the context of the passages.

Download the practice Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension Exam and the Answer Key or take the new exam online: