A special book award for a multi-year winner!

The National Latin Exam recognizes students who have earned remarkable achievements on exams with special book awards. These have changed slightly over the years, but we are excited to now offer book awards for the following achievements:

  • Students earning their 4th or subsequent gold medal on different exams*
  • Students earning their 3rd perfect score on different exams*                                
  • On the extraordinary occasion of a student earning their 4th, 5th or subsequent perfect score, an appropriate prize will be awarded.

*A student must take at least one exam on the Advanced Level to be eligible for a special book award. Students may take the Advanced Prose Exam twice, the Advanced Poetry Exam twice, and/or the Advanced Reading Comprehension Exam multiple times, as that is our highest-level exam, all of which can count towards the special book awards. However, only one of each lower level exam (Introduction to Latin, Beginning Latin Exam, Intermediate Latin Exam, and Intermediate Reading Comprehension) can count towards these special awards. 

PLEASE NOTE: no student may take more than one exam per year. Thank you for understanding and respecting this policy.