• The principal, instructional coordinator, guidance director, the Latin teacher, or any other designee may administer the exams.

  • The time limit for taking the exams is 45 minutes. If the demographic information has been completed before the day of the exam, the time limit is 40 minutes.

  • ALL STUDENTS OF THE SAME LEVEL must take the exam during the same time period. The test administrator should try to seat students of the same level apart from one another. No make-up exams are allowed after the fact.

  • Teacher should call the NLE Office (888-378-7721) before the day the exam is to be given to inquire about students with special needs or for issues regarding scheduling.

  • When students taking the paper exam are finished, the testing administrator should count completed answer sheets, and check test materials for any missing answer sheets.

  • Answer sheets for paper exams must be returned and postmarked the same day the exam is given, or the last day of administration if different levels are given on different days.

  • No answer sheets for paper exams mailed separately from the school’s package will be accepted without prior permission.

  • The last day exam may be taken and answer sheets returned is MARCH 15, 2024.

  • Exams are not to be seen by the Latin Teacher prior to the day the exams are to be given.

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