Going for gold!

  • All registrations for the 2023 National Latin Exam Exam will be completed online only.
    • Any registrations received on old registration forms will be returned to the teacher.
  • Only ONE Latin teacher from a given school creates an online account and fills out registration form completely.
  • Teachers may register for exams in one of two formats: paper/pencil or online. There is no difference in cost.
    • N.B. Due to the rising costs of shipping exams, schools outside North America must order the online format of the exams.
  • An invoice will be emailed to the registering teacher upon submission of the online form.
  • Once the teacher has submitted the online registration form, the school will be considered registered, but registration will not be complete until payment has been received.
    • Teachers may pay immediately by credit card or may submit the invoice to their business office for payment by check or money order.
    • The NLE will send to the Latin teacher an email verifying receipt of registration form and payment. We will no longer be sending out a postcard by mail.
  • For questions about your order or about the online version of the exam, please contact Lingco at