Lingco is a modern web-based application that works best with the latest version of Google Chrome, running on a laptop or desktop computer (either Mac, PC or Chromebook).  It should also work on the last two versions of Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, but Chrome is highly recommended. 

In order to take the National Latin Exam on Lingco you’ll also need:

  • A stable internet connection with at least 4 Mbps download and 512 Kbps upload speeds
  • A screen size of at least 1280x720 pixels
Using iPads and Tablets for Online Testing

The National Latin Exam and Lingco have been working closely together to make testing online with iPads and other types of tablets possible. We have determined through testing and review that these devices are indeed compatible with the online system. The earlier statement that these devices were not supported was based upon Lingco's experience with audio and video elements used in the modern language exams. Since the NLE does not require these features, schools should have no problems with using iPads and other types of tablets.

Here is Lingco's official statement: "Lingco's disclaimer regarding tablets not being fully supported on our platform is there to be transparent with our users. Some Lingco features and functionality do not work properly with tablets as of yet. Therefore, we warn users who are using tablets that their device is not fully supported. That being said, the National Latin Exams do not use any Lingco features or functionality that will not work on tablets.

Tablets can range in size and specifications so some users may need to zoom out on their screen or flip the tablet horizontally, if they are using smaller devices. As a best practice, all tablets should be running on up to date software and browsers if they are used to complete any of the National Latin Exams."

That being said, please check with your school's technical team to determine whether images are allowed to be shown on the screen. The NLE does use pictures and images of Latin text on the exams, and some schools default to blocking images.

Getting Administrative Approval for Using Lingco

If a school needs to get Lingco approved at their school or school district, they will most likely need us to sign a Data Privacy Agreement, or to fill out information about our systems. They should submit their request with the appropriate documentation  via our live chat, or they can email Once they submit their request, we'll supply them with an update on the timeline to get it completed and sent back to them. They should do this as soon as they possibly can, since the approval process can be lengthy for some schools.