Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for the Exam

  • Q: How do I determine which exam level to order for my students?
    A: We are not based on any particular textbook series, so we offer a syllabus for each level of the exam, available on this website. Use the syllabus to determine which exam is the best fit for your students.

  • Q: How do the new exam names match up with the former exam levels? 
    A: The Introduction to Latin exam name has not changed.  The former Latin I exam is now the Beginning Latin exam.  The former Latin II exam is now the Intermediate Latin exam.  The former Latin III exam is now the Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension exam.  The former Latin III-IV Prose exam is now the Advanced Latin Prose exam.  The former Latin III-IV Poetry exam is now the Advanced Latin Poetry exam.  The former Latin V-VI exam is now the Advanced Latin Reading Comprehension exam.

  • Q: What is the main difference between the former Latin III exam and the current Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension exam?
    A: The Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension exam mirrors the format of the Advanced Latin Reading Comprehension exam, in that both exams contain two Latin passages, with questions based upon those passages.

  • Q: Can students taken the same exam two years in a row?
    A: The Introduction to Latin exam can be taken only one. The Beginning Latin through Advanced Latin Poetry exams can be taken twice each. The Advanced Latin Reading Comprehension exam can be taken multiple times.

  • Q: Can a student take two exams in the same year?
    A: No. Students are only allowed to take one exam annually.

  • Q: How will I receive confirmation of my order?
    A: You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order soon after the NLE office processes your registration.  We are no longer sending confirmation postcards through the USPS.

  • Q: What is the process if there is a problem with my order (e.g., math error on check)?
    A: The NLE office will send you an e-mail. Be sure to check your spam folder regularly in case a communication from our office ended up in that folder. We will place your registration materials in our Hold Box. You will have two weeks from the date of first contact by the NLE office to resolve the issue. If it isn’t resolved in that time, your registration materials will be returned to you, and you will then have to return them to us with the issue corrected.

Shipping and Handling

  • Q: Why am I charged $20 for shipping on the online registration form?
    A: The online form rolls the $15 shipping fee and the $5 credit card fee into a single line item of $20.

  • Q: Why do I have to pay shipping for an online exam?
    A: All schools, regardless of testing method, must pay the $15 shipping fee, which covers the shipment of the results package via UPS in April.

  • Q: How do I pay the residential shipping fee with online registration for paper exams?
    A: You must add the residential shipping “item” to your cart before check-out.

Administering the Exam

  • Q: Who is allowed to proctor the exam?
    A: Latin teachers are allowed to proctor the exam.  However, if they order the paper exam, they must designate someone other than themselves to receive and secure the exam materials until exam day, since Latin teachers cannot see the exams before exam day.  A proctor could also be a member of the school staff, such as a principal, guidance counselor, or librarian.  In homeschool situations, parents or other adults (e.g., neighbors) are allowed to act as proctors.

Online Exam Information

  • Q: How will I receive login information for the online exam?
    A: Your confirmation e-mail will contain a login, password, and website address, which you will use one week prior to your exam week to access the student logins and passwords for exam day.  You will also be able to download the online proctoring instructions at that time.


  • Q: How does a student become eligible to apply for the Maureen O’Donnell Scholarship for Academic Excellence?
    A: The student must be a high school senior who is enrolled in a Latin class during senior year and must earn a gold medal on the Advanced Latin Prose, Advanced Latin Poetry, or Advanced Latin Reading Comprehension exam during their senior year.  Letters inviting these students to apply for the scholarship are e-mailed to the Latin teachers in April.