Benjamin Salvucci, homeschooled 7th grader with his gold medal and certificates

The National Latin Exam welcomes the participation of homeschoolers. Homeschool teachers should follow the standard registration process. Print out a registration form from this website or place your order online. If you have trouble printing out the registration form, e-mail the NLE office,, and we will gladly e-mail the form to you.

Fill in the registration completely. Be sure to specify that your school is a home school, and please provide your phone number and e-mail address so that we can contact you if there are any questions. Make sure to specify how many and which level(s) of the exam you are requesting.

As part of your homeschool name, please include “c/o” and the last name of the family that lives at the address to which the exams will be sent.

Latin teachers are allowed to administer the exam.  However, the Latin teacher cannot be the person who receives the exams and secures them until exam day, so you must designate someone other than the Latin teacher for this task. The registration includes lines for the exam administrator, who may be the Latin teacher, and for the person to whom the exam materials will be sent, who may NOT be the Latin teacher.

The cost for ordering only one exam is $10 for the exam. If ordering the online exam, the shipping/handling fee will be $15 for shipping to a residential address. Please note that if ordering the paper exam, the shipping/handling fee is $30 for shipping to a residential address. We are no longer shipping to business addresses for homeschoolers. Credit card orders are also accepted, and there is an additional $5 convenience fee for each credit card order.

Homeschoolers with further questions should contact the NLE office at1-888-378-7721 or

Download Special Instructions for Homeschoolers 2021-2022