Important Information about administering the 2021 online exams:

Since postcards are running behind, here is important information about administering this year's NLE:

N.B. If teachers do not receive their postcards one week prior to their testing week, they should contact our office for the login information, if they have not already done so. Schools giving the paper exam do NOT need to contact us for login information.

Teachers receive their login credentials on their confirmation postcard (they can reach out if they don't have that). A week prior to testing, teachers should go to, and enter their username and password (from the postcard...teacher usernames and passwords are only letters or symbols). This will generate a spreadsheet with their student accounts. It takes about a minute to login, so they'll have to be a little patient. Their student accounts will appear on the screen and also as a spreadsheet they can download and save. Also there will be the Instructions for Proctors document that the proctors will need to administer the exam.

On the day of the exam, proctors should distribute login credentials to each student -- making sure that each student gets credentials for the exam that s/he is taking. That is, students taking a Beginning Latin exam should get Beginning Latin credentials. Students are not pre-registered, so it is up to the teacher and proctor to assign the accounts to the students. Note (and this is explained in the Instructions document as well): Student usernames begin with letters that correspond to the level (ie: BL is Beginning Latin, Advance Poetry is APO, Intermediate Reading Comprehension is IRC, and so on). Then there are five numeric digits. Some of those digits are zeroes. For instance the first Beginning Latin account is BL00001, and so on. Once students are in, the proctor is in charge of keeping time and monitoring students. The exam will not time out by itself. When students are done, they should hit "Submit" on the Summary page. They will then be taken to the optional demographic questions.

If there is a problem during the exam -- server is down, power goes out, fire drill, student illness, or whatever -- all student progress is saved. They can log back in and resume testing when all is well.

N.B. If you have not yet received your confirmation postcard with login information and are giving the exam online in less than a week, please call the NLE Office at 1-888-378-7721 or Clement Testing Service at 1-800-459-9847.

We apologize for any delays and frustrations!

Logging In to the Online Exam

Entering Demographic Data on the Online Exam

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