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*We are still tinkering with our new app. If you find any problems or issues, or any questionable content, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The initial release of the National Latin Exam Practice App is a free web-based application that has been created to give students the opportunity to prepare for the National Latin Exam and test their classical knowledge year-round, on demand, in an environment they can individually customize based on their level and time availability.

Based on a student's preferences, the National Latin Exam Online Practice App creates a randomized custom set of questions from previous National Latin Exams. The application recognizes correct answers with an "Optime!" response or redirects an incorrect answer with a hint of the correct response. Students are even provided a running tally of how many questions they have answered correctly in the current session, as well as a summary at the end of the quiz showing their score. The app also remembers which questions students answer correctly and removes them from the random pool that will be provided to the student the next time they access the application.


  1. Access the free NLE Practice App web-based application on the internet
  2. Designate a level of Latin (Intro, Latin I, II, III, III/IV Prose, III/IV Poetry)
  3. Pick the number of questions to run through (10, 15, 20)
  4. Click the Incipe button to begin.
  5. Select an answer from 4 possible choices
  6. Select the Respondeo button to submit the desired answer. 
    A correct response is rewarded with Optime! and an incorrect response is redirected with "Eheu! Responsum sit:".
  7. Select the Procede button to go to the next question.
    A running talley of how many correct/incorrect answers is displayed.