Tracked Events on Lingco

How to access and handle flags while testing online

23 February 2024

Tracked Events on Lingco

The testing window for the 2024 National Latin Exam opens on Monday, February 26 and runs through March 15. For those teachers who are giving the exam on the Lingco platform, we encourage you to review tracked events for your students. A log of these events for each student is available to you through your Lingco account. Please read below to learn how to access the tracked events log for your students.

What are tracked events?

During the course of the exam, teachers can use the Submissions page to view the progress of their students in real-time. From the Submissions page teachers can see when students start the exam, when they submit their final results, and if they move the focus of their screen away from Lingco. If a student’s focus moves away from Lingco, Lingco will place a red triangle next to the student's name. The teacher can click on the red triangle to see a chronological list of events for that student. The most commonly issued event is “Focus moved away from Lingco during timed assignment.”. Examples of event triggers include – but are not limited to – shifting focus to another website or program on their computer, using ctrl/command F, closing/silencing computer pop-up notifications, and operating earbuds/headphones.

Please note that these warnings do not necessarily indicate academic dishonesty. The Lingco tracked events feature is meant to be used in real-time by teachers, so that if a warning for a particular student is issued, the teacher can investigate whether or not the student is being academically dishonest right then and there. Students will not be disqualified unless you observe them being academically dishonest or unless there is conclusive evidence that the student was academically dishonest. An example of academic dishonesty that would be grounds for disqualification is if a page translator was used. In Lingco, the event issued is “Page was translated”.

How will the NLE use this information?

All tracked events data is shared with the National Latin Exam committee. The NLE will use this data to follow up with teachers if we have any questions, or we need to investigate a particular testing instance reported to us in an exam irregularity report. For the 2023 exams, the NLE received a list of students who were flagged for tracked events and a good number were disqualified upon our review. Again, we ask the exam administrators, proctors, and the teachers to access the tracked events log during the exam and intercept students who may be moving their focus away from the exam or translating the exam.

Where do I find the tracked events in Lingco?

These are the steps to access the tracked events log for your students:

1. In your Lingco account, go to the official exam page and click on Modules.

2. Scroll down until you see the official exam, then click the Submissions icon.

3. On the Student Submissions tab, click on the red triangle icon next to a student’s name to view a chronological list of events for that student. Students who have not moved their focus or translated the page will not have a red triangle next to their name.

Many thanks to the National German Exam who first created this document.