The National Latin Exam's Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

15 April 2019

The National Latin Exam promotes and supports the teaching and learning of the Latin language, its literature and culture, and its lasting influence in the modern world. As part of the American Classical League (“ACL”), the National Latin Exam affirms the same beliefs that the ACL shared with its membership. For those of you who did not receive ACL’s email, you will find our shared core values here:

  • We welcome diverse ideas and perspectives and encourage broad participation in ACL-sponsored activities and endeavors.
  • We embrace all people who have an interest in the ancient world from all levels of instruction, stages of life, and backgrounds.
  • We believe the study of Classics should intentionally explore the diversity of ancient Greek and Roman societies and include voices that historically have been excluded or under-represented.

The NLE is committed to creating exams with inclusive, affirming questions and passages. The NLE will strive to provide questions and passages that affirm the worth and dignity of all students and teachers.

In particular, the NLE will add several readers during the exam writing process who will specifically focus on diversity and inclusion to ensure that our exams reflect our shared values listed above. In addition, the NLE will explore ways to incorporate questions that help combat systems of oppression. The NLE will be meeting with The University of Mary Washington’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion to explore ways to provide more equity and inclusion on future exams. The NLE plans to review all old questions on its online app and to remove any that do not align with the NLE’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In short, NLE writers plan to compose and assess questions with greater awareness moving forward. We are grateful for those who have raised concerns about diversity, inclusion, and equity, and we welcome future dialogue regarding ways the NLE can support these values. Please do not hesitate to contact Co-Chairs Mark Keith (, Linda Montross (, and Patty Lister (


The National Latin Exam Committee

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