NLE Experiencing Problems with Emails

Many messages sent out have been bouncing back

22 April 2020

The NLE office has been trying to send messages to teachers and administrators, but most of those messages have been bouncing back as undeliverable. We have been in touch with the IT Department at the University of Mary Washington, who hosts our email account. The department said that many domains are not accepting e-mails from us and that our recipients, mostly teachers, need to request that their administrators whitelist us. The thinks it could be a combination of the number of e-mails/e-mail blasts we have sent lately, in addition to the fact that we are providing usernames and passwords in a fair number of them, when teachers follow up with us about their results. Teachers and administrators should call the NLE toll-free number if they have sent an e-mail and not received a reply, as this may be the reason why. Again, teachers and administrators should make sure the NLE is whitelisted to ensure that they are able to receive messages from us.