Awards for the 2020 Exam

The mailing of certificates and awards are delayed until sequestration lifted

14 May 2020

Thanks to everyone for your patience and flexibility as we have worked through this difficult year. We are aware that everyone is anxiously awaiting their awards shipment. Our own students are as well! We know that this is felt especially acutely by our high school seniors. However, the awards ship from an area of Virginia that is still under quarantine, and we do not have any information about when that will be lifted. All of us here at the NLE, as well as at Clement Testing Service, want very badly to ship awards to you. That will happen as soon as we have word that employees of CTS can get back to work. Until then, it is a waiting game. Please know that as soon as we have a potential ship date we will send emails and make social media posts to alert you. At that time, since some school buildings will likely still be closed, we will collect address updates as necessary. All of that is in the future, however. Like you, we hope that is sooner rather than later. If you do not hear from us, you can assume we still have nothing to report about awards shipments. We cannot thank you enough for your continued patience and flexibility. We are truly all in this together. Dum spiramus, speramus!