Order National Latin Exams Online Paper Testing

You can order National Latin Exams to be given by paper exams either by using the convenient online ordering system located below or by printing and mailing-in the registration form.

Use the form below to place your original order online for paper testing.
There will be a $5.00 credit card convenience fee added to the Shipping and Handling Fees when using a credit card.
($15 + $5=$20) 

  1. Select the exam level you want to order by clicking the Add to Cart Button
  2. Adjust the quantity of exams in the shopping cart by typing a number in the box
  3. Select the update button at the bottom of the screen to tell the computer to recalculate your order
  4. Select the Continue Shopping link to add more exams to your cart.
  5. Select the Residential Delivery button to add the $15 additional delivery fee for having the exam(s) delivered to a residential address.
  6. Students outside of North America must take the exam online or pay actual shipping cost​

If you get a failure notice upon placing your order, please wait at least 10 minutes before trying to place your order again, so that the system has time to reset. A minimum order of $10.00 is required to place an order. If you are ordering 1 exam US or 1 exam Foreign, your cost will be $10. For 2 or more exams US, the cost is $6 each; for Foreign (non US) orders, 2 or more exams will be $8 each.

Attention Homeschools

Beginning with the 2021 National Latin Exam, we will no longer ship homeschool materials to business addresses

Please add the residential shipping item to your cart before check-out for delivery to a residential address. 

US schools
please use the section below for ordering.

National Latin Exams Online Paper Testing (those ordering for schools in US)


Schools outside North America
please use the section below for ordering.

National Latin Exams Online Paper Testing
Foreign (those ordering outside the US)

Additional Instruction Sheets & Envelopes

Online and Distance Learning Schools can order additional sets of Instruction Sheets/Envelopes using the buttons below.

During the checkout process you can specify the exact count of sheets/envelopes you need. Here you are designating whether you want 11-50 or more than 50 to determine the price.

You will be charged $25 for ordering 11-50 Additional Instruction Sheets/Envelopes.
You will be charged $50 for ordering 51 or more Additional Instruction Sheets/Envelopes.